"Where science meets art"

At Halley Stevenson we are the leading manufacturers and innovators in waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics. All our dyeing and finishing is "under one roof" based at our Baltic Works in Dundee, UK. We are the market leaders with our expertise, technical knowledge and manufacturing experience.

Our Processes include:

  • Being an independent firm we can be flexible and craft minimum quantities of 30 metres in our customers own colours and finishes, based on our heavy weight luggage canvas.

  • Our team of skilled, experienced technicians are constantly striving to develop and refine new and existing products.

  • We regularly design and build our own bespoke machinery to give us the optimum manufacturing capabilities.

  • Our product range is full of possibilities in terms of colour, handle and performance.

  • Base fabrics range from 4oz flyweight cotton and cotton/nylon, to 24oz luggage canvas.

  • Our service allows our customers to design their own fabrics, to include fabric type/weight, shade and finish requirements.

  • Our products are exported around the world and are show cased each season at London, Paris, New York, Munich and Milan.

We supply an extensive range of competitively priced, stock supported ranges for our customers who are looking for an iconic waxed cotton fabric.

While fashions have changed throughout the years, Waxed cotton fabric has remained and stood the test of time – but we know that to compete in today's industry, quality is paramount. Our expertise ensures that the materials we produce not only stand out aesthetically, but are also technically superior.

We put all of our products through a rigorous quality and performance testing process. And, while we are accredited to ISO 9002 standard, we'll always seek new improvements in our manufacturing processes to deliver quality and performance.

Our product range is full of possibilities. We have a range of fabrics, from flyweight apparel to heavyweight cotton canvas– and most recently some nylon/cotton and organic cotton options. We have a range of finishes, allowing you to choose the texture, appearance and performance you need. And we can go beyond the standard range of colours to produce the shade you require.

With years of experience of meeting our customers' challenging specifications, our development team is ready to deliver a unique, bespoke product.