Our exciting next generation waxes are unequalled in terms of performance. Our technicians have created a wax finish that has many benefits over iconic waxed cotton fabrics. These are:


C4X waxed cotton typically has four times higher water proofing characteristics when compared to traditional waxed fabrics. This wax has excellent water shedding properties, out performing traditional wax in shower rating, hydrostatic head and Bundesmann testing . There are no PFOA's or formaldehyde in our wax compounds.


Wax C4X has far superior durability to abrasion and weathering, as well as adding extra strength to the base cotton. It acts as a highly resistant protective layer to the garment, making this the perfect choice for durable performance. 


Unlike traditional wax cotton, at ambient temperature, wax C4X does not transfer or migrate onto other fabrics, leathers and linings. The wax is odourless.


Most waxes are jelly like consistency at room temperature, Wax C4X is a flexible solid. It's unique form imparts many additional performance advantages. Garments made in Wax C4X cotton will resist dirt and other contaminants much more effectively.