While fashions have changed throughout the years, Waxed Cotton has remained – but we know that to compete in today's industry, quality is paramount. Our expertise ensures that the materials we produce not only stand out aesthetically, but are also technically superior.

We put all of our products through a rigorous quality and performance testing process. And, while we are accredited to ISO 9002 standard, we'll always seek new improvements in our manufacturing processes to deliver quality and performance.

Our product range is full of possibilities. We have a range of base fabrics, from flyweight to heavyweight – and even pure silk. We have a range of finishes, allowing you to choose the texture, appearance and performance you need. And we can go beyond the standard range of colours to produce the shade you require.

We produce all of our Waxed Cottons to order – and with years of experience of meeting our customers' challenging specifications, our development team is ready to deliver a unique, bespoke product.