Whilst waxed cotton was born from the need for protection from the elements 200 years ago, the late twentieth century brought many advances in synthetic fabrics and finishes, yet this natural, traditional fabric still endures not only for its aesthetic appeal but for its impressive performance characteristics: 

Strength: Waxed Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric, its renowned strength is undisputed having been tried and tested in ‘the field'. While the base fabric provides a sturdy foundation, it's the treatment and the finish that make it not only weather-proof but world-proof – designed for some of the world's toughest environments.

Durability: Unlike some other materials, Waxed Cotton is built to last. When other garments have worn out, a waxed jacket will last a lifetime with proper care. Indeed, it's not uncommon for a cherished jacket to be passed on from generation to generation.

Character: Waxed Cotton garments get better with age. Much like their leather counterparts, a waxed jacket's character and appearance will change over time – becoming as unique as the wearer.

Windproof: While densely-woven cotton fibres provide a tough base material, the paraffin-wax treatment provides a formidable barrier from the elements, helping keep the worst weather at bay.

Waterproof: Still serving its original purpose, our Waxed Cottons will keep the wearer dry – and, with care and attention, will continue to do so for years to come. For use in the most challenging of climates, we even produce an ultra-wax finish that will outperform many of its more modern rivals.