Our collection comprises of various weights and finishes suitable for Apparel and Luggage. Densely woven cottons from 4oz poplin to 24oz canvas, we offer an extensive range of weather resistant finishes. Here are the characteristics of some of our fabric styles:



Our most established waxed cotton, silk wax has truly stood the test of time. The waxed fabric has a soft, slight oily/ damp hand and a matt appearance. The fabric will retain a clean, uniform appearance when manufactured.


Originally developed by Halley Stevensons in 1997 as an environmentally friendly alternative to the "iconic" cupra finish. A traditional paraffin based wax that has a high lustre, crisper handle. The waxed fabric will retain a clean classical appearance when manufactured.


A classic waxed cotton with a drier, firmer hand than silk wax. The waxed fabric characteristics will  give the garment a slightly distressed worn appearance after manufacture.


This finish is drier and crisper than desert wax,  with a matt appearance. The waxed fabric will retain a clean appearance when manufactured.


An authentic wax that is slightly polished on the face side. The waxed fabric is designed to mark, crayon, during manufacture so the garment will have a vintage leather type appearance.


Similar to "antique" above, the fabric characteristics are further emphasized.


This wax is  extracted from honey combs. Beeswax combined with our organic cotton bases, offers a natural, sustainable waxed cotton. The fabric handle is firm and has similar ageing character to "Antique".


Our first fabric offer developed from our exciting next generation waxes. This wax has 4 main performance benefits over our other iconic waxed cottons. The handle is firm and dry and the waxed fabric has both patina and polishing effects in wear, creating garments with real character in relatively short time. Its robust handle makes it an ideal finish for luggage type fabric. Bags made from this wax will keep their shape and appearance.  If its performance you are looking for, these waxes will deliver! Please see our "Wax C4X" section for further details.


A non wax alternative to waxed cotton. Excellent water proofing and breathable properties, combined with our densely woven, cotton bases, these fabrics perform well and keep a natural crisp cotton feel and appearance.


A further addition to our non wax range of weather resistant/breathable cottons. Discovery finish has all the properties of Superdry, but the fabric handle is luxuriously soft and flowing, making it ideal for soft shell garments that perform in the harshest of conditions.


With a combination of our driest wax and aero soft/tumble finishing, we have created a cotton with a light wax/cool feel and soft/aged appearance. A unique lightweight alternative to a traditional wax fabric, ideal for breathable spring/summer garments.