Halley StevensonS Baltic Works 1864


"Halley Stevensons are the world's leading waxed cotton fabric manufacturers and specialists in weatherproofing canvas.

We create outdoor fashion apparel fabric and quality luggage canvas at our Baltic Works plant in Dundee, Scotland.

Established in 1864."

Leading innovators in the manufacture of waxed apparel fabrics and luggage canvas, Halley Stevensons are the worldwide specialists in waxed and weather resistant cottons . With a legacy steeped in the local sailors and cloth merchants dating back centuries, today Halley Stevensons are collaborating with the industries most renowned brands, continually innovating and developing new products. From our" Baltic Mill" established in Dundee in 1864, we manufacture under the same one roof, supplying thousands of metres of waxed cotton fabric every year, exporting our unique cloth globally. Our product are highly water resistant, durable, breathable and coloured and finished to Pantone and industry standards.




Based in Dundee, in Scotland, Halley Stevensons are specialists in the production and supply of waxed cotton fabrics for customers around the world...

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While fashions have changed throughout the years, Waxed Cotton fabric has remained – but we know that to compete in today's industry, quality is paramount...

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